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Analysis of Bluetooth stereo, is it worth buying?

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The biggest difference between Bluetooth speakers and traditional speakers is that they do not need wire connections. Moreover, it is compact and convenient to carry without environmental restrictions
The biggest difference between Bluetooth speakers and traditional speakers is that they do not need wire connections. Moreover, it is compact and convenient to carry without environmental restrictions. Speaking of advantages is also a set of things.
But do you usually use Bluetooth speakers? Or is the Bluetooth speaker really practical for you? So today, in the simplest, straightforward and brutal way, we're going to talk about whether Bluetooth speakers are worth buying.
Analysis of Bluetooth stereo, is it worth buying?
1, improve cell phone sound quality, long endurance time.
Analysis of Bluetooth stereo, is it worth buying?
The sound quality of the phone is poor and the electricity is wasted. At that time, the Bluetooth speakers solved the problem. When you want to listen to music at home and don't want to wear headphones, you can choose a Bluetooth speaker because it can be wirelessly connected, placed randomly, and has better sound quality than a mobile phone.
In addition, the current Bluetooth speakers are generally more than 10 hours, so this is Bluetooth speakers than mobile phones play music advantage.
2, children's early education products
Analysis of Bluetooth stereo, is it worth buying?
At present, there are many Bluetooth speakers on the market for early childhood education, such as children's songs, poetry and fairy tales. In addition, the Bluetooth speaker is connected to the related mobile phone App, which is more direct and convenient for children.
For children, Bluetooth speakers also have a feature of anti-fall, even if the child is very naughty, do not have to worry about being broken.
3, outdoor sports equipment
Analysis of Bluetooth stereo, is it worth buying?
For outdoor sports enthusiasts, an outdoor portable speaker can enrich cycling camping, and the current outdoor Bluetooth speakers are fully sealed, with dust/waterproof/fall-proof features, even in a relatively bad outdoor environment can also be used normally, resting with friends Share music.
Interestingly, many speakers now also have the function of mobile power, because their own battery capacity is huge, you can charge the phone at any time. Therefore, if you take this kind of speaker with you when you go out, the mobile power can be left at home.
4, disadvantages: limited scope, slow response.
Analysis of Bluetooth stereo, is it worth buying?
Bluetooth speakers can only be used within a certain range, that is, if the distance between the playback source and speakers exceeds the range of Bluetooth, then the sound will be disconnected, which is also the shortcomings of Bluetooth speakers.
In addition, Bluetooth speakers often appear unstable signals, signal interference state, resulting in your experience is the result of slow response, playing Carton and so on.