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Beyond your imagination, the age of intelligence in the audio industry has arrived.

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The strategic conference of long technology open platform is held at the Jingdong intelligent milk tea hall in Zhongguancun Venture Street.Although the conference was not big and lasted long
The strategic conference of long technology open platform is held at the Jingdong intelligent milk tea hall in Zhongguancun Venture Street. Although the conference was not big and lasted long, the content was extraordinary. The conference announced that traditional speakers would become voice interaction portals for smart homes, while providing speakers with access to rich Internet services, turning traditional speakers into distribution platforms for today's Internet services.
Beyond your imagination, the age of intelligence in the audio industry has arrived.
The age of intelligence in the audio industry has arrived.
In recent years, the concept of smart home has been very popular, but in daily life, many people still do not know how it is an experience, or what it can bring. Last year, Jingdong intelligence and Ling long technology jointly built a new smart speaker - Ding Dong. The biggest bright spot of the speaker is that it carries the ITU's intelligent voice system and the Jingdong Intelligent Ecosystem. In addition to listening to songs, users can also communicate with it by voice, such as inquiring about the weather, broadcasting news, setting alarm clocks, playing music on demand, and so on.
More interestingly, users can also use voice to let speakers control other smart home devices, such as smart air conditioners, television, washing machines, purifiers and so on, as long as these devices belong to the Jingdong Intelligent Ecological Platform, speakers can be controlled by the voice commands of users. Does that sound amazing? In addition to listening to music, speakers can do so many things. It's cool to think about it.
Beyond your imagination, the age of intelligence in the audio industry has arrived.
Nowadays, more and more Internet service platforms are located in smart speakers.
And the cooler is still below, that is, the theme of the day of the conference: "Dingdong Open Platform Strategy Release." Ding Hao announced that a number of service platforms, including drip trips, Baidu Maps, Jingdong Home, Zhongtong Express, e-bag washing and JIMI robots, have reached strategic cooperation with Ding Hao and Jingdong Intelligence to create the first service distribution platform based on home panoramic applications in the country.
Never experienced before:
What does this mean for users? In the near future, users can quickly complete booking, take-out, express order, housekeeping services, real-time broadcasting of road conditions and other services through voice commands on the smart speakers at home. What's important is that you don't have to use your cell phone to do all this anymore. Move your mouth and tell your smart speaker at home that it can help you do it, save time, effort and worry. So, rather than an intelligent speaker, it's your personal life assistant. But all of this seems a bit fast. Many people do not have a concept for smart speakers. But it can not be denied that the smart age of the traditional audio industry has arrived.
The Age of Intelligence Beyond Your Imagination The Age of Intelligence Beyond Your Imagination
Now that smart speakers will later become your personal life assistant, it's nothing.
In fact, the release will come down, the author's inner feelings are still very deep, for many years, the domestic traditional audio industry has been very (not) to protect (gas), few innovations and bright spots, or even has been on the decline; far less than today's mobile phones, VR, smart TV industry so prosperous. It wasn't until the birth of WiFi speakers in 2014 that they injected a little fresh blood into the traditional speaker industry; then, smart speakers really brought us to a new revolution in the traditional audio industry, opening up the entrance to smart homes.
As I said earlier, in the future, smart speakers will be your personal life assistant, taking care of your daily routine and helping you manage your daily life; instead of playing music as before. Of course, we are here to describe you may not be able to get a very intuitive experience, the following may as well be attached to the author of a previous experience video to see how smart speakers can become a voice interaction entrance to smart home, interested friends can click to watch:
I believe that after watching the above video, we have a preliminary understanding of the smart speaker, although the video did not involve booking a taxi, take-out orders, express orders, Home Economics and other services, but these are not far from us, the follow-up software updates can be achieved. And this form is also highly respected by us, user experience-centric smart speaker products, even if not to subvert the industry, the future will also be favored by users and recognition.
Beyond your imagination, the age of intelligence in the audio industry has arrived.
Of course, the smart speaker experience is not perfect yet.
Operation threshold:
Of course, as a brand-new product, there are many problems to be improved and perfected in the experience of the smart speakers on the market at present. For example, the initial connection process of the smart speakers is usually more complex (via WiFi), and slightly more difficult, which undoubtedly brings some inconvenience to users, far from Bluetooth speakers. The connection process is simple and crude. Therefore, in the key first step of operation, smart speakers need to solve many problems.
Poor sound quality:
Despite being endowed with many functions and intelligent operating experience, the most essential attribute of the smart speaker is the speaker, for most consumers, people are more concerned about the quality of the sound. As a matter of fact, we made a horizontal screen last year.
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